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What is poppers?

Poppers is a “ghetto” term for the alkyl nitrates chemical combinations which got their name from the popping sound it the capsule used to give while opening. Banning alkyl nitrates from legal use lately made lots of modifications of poppers in order to avoid law problems. Some of the modified formulas include but are not limited to amyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite and much more.

How to order poppers online at our poppers shop

Buying poppers online has never been easier. Search through the categories, find your predefined popper bottle or search and test some new brand from the huge list of cheap poppers we offer and put it in your cart. Create an account, enter your shipping details and let as process your order(processed the same day if order placed before 3pm). Receive your bottle and have a great experience with the highest quality original aromas no matter if it is for the use of partying or to improve the act with your partner.

History of Poppers

Poppers or alkyl nitrates ware first introduced to the world in the early to middle 60’s by a French chemist. Instead of the euphoria usage it has now, back in the day it was introduced for medial purpose and a revolutionary find in the medical industry. The main purpose of the liquid was expanding the blood vessels as well as improving the blood flow in the arteries, veins and the heart itself. It was also used as angina pain relief before other and better solutions ware discovered. 

Usage of Poppers

As we stated in our previous chapter Poppers was first introduced by it’s medical usage, but as people started to consume it they also found other good uses of it. The top three main usages of Poppers are: Muscle relaxation and sex experience improver, fun enhancement on teenagers parties especially the rave ones and the last one is room perfume or cleaners of video and tape heads as well as CDs.

  1. Tape Head Cleaners Or Room Odorizers – This is practically not a real use but actually a legal purpose cover of the companies working with and selling the poppers products. So far I have not heard or know anyone buying this type of product for a reason of refreshing his room smell and/or freshening the air. If you are one of them please contact me using the contact us page so I can edit and improve this part of the article. The companies selling this product put this type of usage labels in order to cover their asses in front of the law. As you can read in the Legal Status chapter which can be found bellow Poppers bottles are available for sale in any shop as long as their purpose of usage is not for customers to sniff the gas.
  2. Club Drug – As we already know from the beginning of the hippie era to the late rave parties of the 20 century drugs has become a common part of the ravers life. Don’t get me wrong, maybe you are not one of them but big portion of them are using them. While Marijuana, Ecstasy and other substances classified as club drugs become illegal and hard to buy, Poppers Aromas are legal and can be bought at sex shops in most of the countries around the world. Poppers gives great rush and euphoric feeling and great energy which will never get you down or make you feel exhausted. The only reason Poppers has not taken over the other club drugs is because the really small lasting timespan it has which is mainly 5 to 10 minutes depending on the poppers quality and how pure the chemical combinations it contains are.
  3. Improving the sex experience – As all other drugs, Poppers gives a feeling of high, euphoria and improves your feeling especially the feeling of pleasure. From my personal experience the pleasure of having a sex whatever you are gay or straight is couple of times better then doing it without poppers. I will also quote one of my personal friends who once said “Once you cum under the influence of Poppers, you will never ever want to cum without it”. Poppers is super popular amongst gay population and the main reason of it lays in the relaxation of muscles it gives. For sometimes now I have heard that some of the people also call it “The Gay Drug”. After taking poppers the muscle of the anus get relaxed and gay partners take it lot more easier and painless. Under the influence of Poppers the sensibility of our genitals(sex organs) increases to a maximal extend which makes the sex itself lots more better. Studies have also proven that by using the poppers gas the desire and wish for the sex act drastically increases, however that is not something I have really felt and experienced and this is just what I found on the internet.

Legal act of Poppers

There are different rules in different parts of the world when it comes to using Poppers. I can not cover all the countries since doing research for every single country in the world will take me significant time which I don’t want to give. However I did some research for the major and leading countries in the world so here it goes:

  • Canada – I would like to start by Canada since most of the poppers brands are produced there including Jungle Juice, Blue Boy etc... Well Canada has really strange and for me also a funny law when it comes to Aromas. Alkyl nitrates and all their variants are available for manufacture use as long as the factory that is using the formula is not selling the products inside the country but is only exporting them outside the Canadian borders. From economical point of view you can see the value here but it’s funny how they find it dangerous for their citizens, but other around the world can poison themselves. LOL!
    However, I find this positive since my favorite Jungle Juice Brand is made there and I am not located in Canada so I can use it without any problems. Our site also provides fast and discrete shipping to Canada and you can buy poppers in Canada directly from us.
  • USA – As far as my research went back in the days before 1980 products containing Alkyl nitrates ware fully legal. Today however, the law has a small change which says products containing Alkyl nitrates can be only sold for Commercial Use. What’s the meaning of commercial use?
    Well, by Commercial Use it means that all product containing the chemical formula can be produced and sold legally as long as the purpose of their usage is not to be inhaled by a human being. This is the reason most of the companies selling poppers had these room odorizer labeling onto their package. Companies only avoid the law, but it’s public secret what the main usage of the poppers bottles sold in United States is. Alkyl nitrates modifications however are no problem in the USA law and available for sale anytime and anywhere. We will enjoy poppers as long as it’s available. You can buy poppers online in USA from our website without any problem. We have had thousands of repeated customers from United States and they are still active.
  • UK – Same as in the USA here Poppers are sold legally containing the "not for human consumption" labels with ease. Around the UK you can find poppers for sale in sex shops and party clubs and bars. While doing my research I came to an article from January 2016 on TheGuarding which says that there will be a ban of Poppers from 1st of April. This article however says that the ban was delayed, so make sure you do your own due diligence in case you live in the United Kingdom. All brands of poppers however are available for sale online at our website, we are shipping in the United Kingdom and we will remain doing it no matter what the law says.
  • EU – In Europe however isobutyl nitrite is prohibited, but the slight modification, the isopropyl nitrite is still available for production and sale. If you are from EU and you are wondering where to buy poppers online you have come to the right place because BuyPoppers.org is shipping in all EU countries the purest and the highest quality poppers.
  • Sorry but if you live in a country which is not covered above you will have to do your own research and find the law details about your country or place of stay however if you are looking forward of buying poppers online, we are shipping worldwide and we have had 99% successful delivery all around the world.

Negative(Side) Effects of Poppers

I am a huge fun of poppers and been buying poppers online for almost 12 years and in 2016 I decided to open my own store. I have not seen any negative effects from using poppers except some headache the next day after using some fake brands. However you should know that poppers should not be swallowed or eaten because in the worst case scenario it can cause death. Also do not spit the poppers on your body parts because it can burn your skin. Besides that there are no proven side effects from using poppers. All human bodies act differently too it and happily for all of us 99,9% of the ones who used it seen only the best of it! ;))